With over 25 years experience, we provide advice to countless landlords and tenants

Our insight and expedience allows you to make the most informed business and property decisions.
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We provide the best advice, planning and consultancy at every part of the process, whether you are renegotiating your existing lease, or new lease terms, we will steer you through the process, providing honest and timely advice.

We can offer a comprehensive commercial property investment service, satisfying the needs of our clients who range from institutions and property companies to high net worth individuals and overseas trusts.

We can offer the following:

  • Advice on Rent Reviews based on local knowledge, Case Law and comparable evidence
  • Advice on Lease Renewals based on local knowledge, Case Law and comparable evidence
  • Inspection of the subject property, detailed recommendations on the present lease
  • Structural Surveys prior to Leasing or Purchasing
  • Schedules of Condition Reports including photographs prior to Leasing
  • Impartial advice for both Landlords and Tenants

Most leases are not for 21 or 25 years any more, most tenants preferring a term no longer than five or ten years and if the latter subject to a Tenant’s Lease Break Option (TBO) at a given time, generally at three or five year intervals.

The terms of the lease will be examined as most incorporate full repairing and insuring responsibilities which in turn will have an impact on the viability of the chosen premises from a new tenants perspective.

Conversely, the property may have been bought as an investment and therefore the owner / landlord will not wish to reduce his income by meeting all repairs, maintenance and insurance costs.

Our experience and in-depth understanding of these issues will enable you to maximise your commercial premises, be you a landlord or tenant.

We’d be happy to meet up with you, to discuss your aspirations and time-scales, on a purely confidential basis if required.”


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